The 7 most kickass, time saving study tools for any student

As a student, I fully understand the importance of being economical during school

The last thing you want is to be processed by the backwork or late

These are students who work on hard disk, but think they can't work as well as usual. The eye doesn't work, but it's smart. The studio should not turn you into a bookworm and should not include a long watch when you burn in books. The study requires an intellectual approach to achieving academic excellence. This leads me to tools that I often deal with students about how they can save time in their research and complete with the help of stellar evaluations

We tend to doubt our own time management skills. I personally had problems making up most of my time. After I entered the Rescue Time program, everything changed. This tool was ideally designed to help those who used to ask themselves the question of time management. The application sends users a weekly report that highlights the fact that most of the time is most of the time, so it gives you an idea of how to control the time

This application is ideal for people who work on many devices for a given day and have problems with time management. Remember that Moloko is free and compatible with mobile devices, Outlook, Gmail and personal computer, so it is easily accessible regardless of where you are. This tool helps you manage time efficiently, reminding you of your tasks when you are at home, at work, at school or on the way

You ever tried to share a huge file, but you couldn't? Have you, in the end, spent an hour or two (or a whole day if it matters)? Sounds like you've never heard of Dropbox. This tool is designed to help you send and share large files without overtaking the maximum file size. Compared to other epppi of this type, Dropbox is the best-it can be used free and very simple. With Dropbox, you can access your files from any device that allows document sharing, so it is very accessible

You're fighting your homework? You need help, but no one can help you? If you want to do your homework and socialize at the same time, OpenStudy is a tool you need. It's made up of a community of unbiased students who just help each other. The stress on the appointment is no longer a request-just ask your colleagues, and they will come to the rescue

EssayMama is a resource center that can help you with time management. This online essay service is dedicated to helping students who are unable to write their assignments, but they also offer other useful services, such as:

Enjoy all of the above services, and you will see how well you will improve not only your appointments, but also manage the time when you will do them

I'm a man who loves learning with a flash card, so I found this tool very useful. To think about what you need to do with the cards that are used to get me crazy until I see what the Quizlet can do. This Web resource also allows you to create and share your own maps in your own time. You can also use the platform as a resource center; any topic has a ton of pre-made maps, which is very good for auditing purposes

At any time when I'm a mathematician, I'm very jealous because I'm not around. The only consolation I have is knowing I'm not the only one! There are many students who struggle with mathematics, and this site is a great resource that contains videos and exercises for students who need additional help. Khan Academy also offers lessons on other topics if you are interested in expanding knowledge. Don't let math give you nightmares

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