Nature Photographer Frank Bartlett Sr.

Frank has been capturing images of nature for over sixty years. He’s an award-winning photographer whose photos have been selected for many cover photographs depicting nature scenes and the unique wildlife of New England.

Many have said Frank is their window into nature that they would not be able to see without his photographs. He’s often asked how he sees so many birds and animals that most of us never see? Frank said “I try to be as stealthy as possible, often wearing camouflage clothing. I usually get to a location in the woods or brush before sunup, sitting motionless for hours in uncomfortable positions and inclement weather. This greatly increases my chance of opportunities for an interesting shot. I also spend hours a day in my car searching my favorite spots.”

“I shoot in raw format (similar to negatives in days past) so every photo has to be edited in post-processing. I attempt to make the image look as close to how I saw it as possible. I spend as much time on the computer as I do in the woods.”

What got you interested in nature? “I believe it was due to my grandmother. When I was a child, I would see how thrilled she would be when she saw a house wren go into one of her birdhouses. She would always grab her bird book and look up new visitors. We would often go on nature walks on the old horse trail through the water company property. She would always say, be still and notice what’s here with us. I guess that stuck with me all these years. If you are motionless, in a very short time the woods become alive around you. I attempt to capture shots of wildlife in their element.”

What camera do you use? “My most used combination is the Canon EOS R5 camera body and RF100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM lens. It doesn’t have the reach of the longer prime lenses, but if I’m close enough to my subject the results can be similar.”

Frank posts regularly on Facebook. For the back stories about the photos being displayed, please visit this Facebook link. Frank currently has over 775 people following his quest for nature. If you enjoy the images follow Frank on Facebook. If you have something of interest, please let us know. Frank has over a hundred thousand photos, so he may very well have the exact piece you’re looking for to match your decor. If he doesn’t have the subject, I’m sure he’ll take it as a challenge.

The images can be resized to your custom preferences with several options. You may have seen some of Frank’s work in offices or adorning the walls of some of the finest homes in New England. Think of the beauty one of these images may add to your wall.

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