History – The Churchill name goes back many generations in Connecticut with several 

Churchills being founding fathers of the State. Charles David Churchill 1900-1961 was my

grandfather. An extraordinary musician and artist in his own right. He passed on his love 

of the arts to many. 


The Churchill Gallery was founded in 1972 by Virginia Wentworth Barnes 1922-2015. The 

gallery was known for showcasing the works of exceptional artists for almost forty years. 

Virginia was an extraordinary lady of grace and character.


In June of 2006, The Churchill Gallery entered the digital online world with its first website,


supporting the brick-and-mortar gallery. Today the physical gallery is

gone but our digital The Churchill Gallery lives on, still concentrating on showcasing gifted

artists and local photographers with a desire to capture the natural beauty that is 

all around us and sharing it with many.


We sincerely hope that you will visit our gallery often, and from time to time bring some of

what catches your eye into your home.


Frank Churchill Bartlett Sr.


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